“I Am Perfect the Way I Am,” Selena Gomez Has said, Embracing Her Body Shape and Deciding to Not Glorify…

Anyone who has ever used social media can speak to the fact that many girls and women are feeling forced to fulfill standards of beauty that are impossible to achieve.

A significant amount of editing has been done to a great number of flawless pictures that illustrate how having flawless skin and a toned body are necessary components of ideal beauty.

Selena Gomez has personal experience to back up her observation that the pressure has an effect not just on famous women but also on everyday women. There are a lot of prominent individuals who aren’t confident in themselves since they don’t have the perfect figure.

She was able to triumph over these challenges and come to terms with her physical appearance, which is fortunate.

Selena Gomez asserts that the negative feedback on her physical appearance can be traced back to the time when the cover of her album Revival was released. She was subjected to a great deal of feedback on the manner in which she looked.

Because of how terrible things had become, it was necessary for her to get treatment for the sake of her mental health.

Later, she discussed the difficulties she had faced as a result of her kidney transplant and lupus as booth of these problems had an effect on her overall health as well as her weight.

She highlighted the dangers of using social media and how bad things may go. Since she made the choice to discontinue her use of social media, Selena claims that she is “happier” and “more present” in her life.

Selena has exhorted others who follow her to prioritize their own lives by being honest and thoughtful about the information they take in via their use of the internet. The singer strongly encourages her audience to avoid the unattainable appearance standards that are prevalent on social media.





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