“I Became Their Mom, Dad, and Sister at 17,” notes the young woman, while telling about the struggle she faced and how she kept going after the tragic events that…

After a sad event tore her family apart, the neighbors came together to help them get back together again.

Cervical cancer was what took the life of Mother Lisa Smith initially. The father, Alexander Rodriguez, passed away not long thereafter due to cancer complications.

Samantha Rodriguez, who is 20 years old now, was thrust into the position of father, dad, and sister for her five younger siblings, whose ages span from seven to sixteen: Destiny, Bella, Michael, and Brenda and Milagros.

By working as a waiter at Disney Springs in Orlando, she was able to assist them financially.

Rodriguez acknowledged that the accelerated maturation process was challenging as she put it,  “It might be hard to determine when to behave like a parent and when to behave like a sibling in a certain situation. Sometimes I get the impression that I’m all by myself.”

Rodriguez said that she was apprehensive yet willing to take on this task despite her worry.

“Because no one in our family was able to provide for all of us, I made a decision that I would do anything I could to help these children. I never intended for there to be any space between us at all.”

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office was in agreement with the statement. Because of this, they decided to cheer up the Rodriguez family by giving them a tour of the station and providing them with a variety of gifts, including toys and clothes.

When the family came in an Uber rather than their own vehicle since they did not have a car, the office sent an APD for a charitable reason. In point of fact, the search did provide some results.

After receiving donations from a number of unknown parties, the Sheriff’s office urged the family to come back in a few months so that they could give them a brand new vehicle as a gift.

Rodriguez screamed, “I was utterly astonished!” after the event. “You’ve got to be kidding me!  All of these different folks have helped me understand that I am not alone. ”

Furthermore, a fundraising effort on GoFundMe has been established in their name.

According to what was said in the message, “This family still has a long walk ahead of them” and it collected over 180 thousand dollars for the Rodriguez family.

Rodriguez said that the outpouring of affection has completely changed the trajectory of the rest of her life.

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