“I have always wanted to say ‘This is MY family!” A man approaches a family that he met at a car dealership with the request to be adopted by them…

Finding a forever family has been a lifelong goal for Davon Woods, now 27 years old, who spent his childhood in the foster care system. The previous year, he worked as a salesperson at a car dealership, and it was there that he first saw the Wilkinson family.

This encounter turned his fantasy become a reality. Sarah Wilkonson was moved by Davon’s narrative, and as a result, she stayed in contact with him. She invited him to their house in Savannah, Georgia, for supper on his birthday, as well as for Thanksgiving.

After a period of time, Davon was treated by the Wilkinsons as if he were a member of their family.

As a result, he ultimately inquired about the possibility of becoming a legal member of the family, even though there has not yet been a formal adoption procedure, the Wilkinson family has granted him permission to take their last name and become known as Davon Wilkinson.

The transformation that has taken place in Davon as a result of his adoption into a warm and supportive family is remarkable. He said that it felt strange to be in an atmosphere filled with love.

“I’ve never had a connection with either of my parents, whether they were biological or adopted, it was something I’d longed for since I was a child. I’ve had this lifelong dream of finally being able to say, “This is my family.”

Since then, Davon has given up his work and established Foster Kids Matter, an organization that is committed to assisting foster children in the state of Georgia. He was motivated to do so by his own experience growing up in the foster care system.

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