“I place Mom in her wheelchair next to where Dad is seated, and they grasp hands and say goodbye to each other and when they finally do see one other in the morning, they…”

Both Hubert and June Malicote had traveled to Hamilton, Kentucky, in July 1922 in search of employment after relocating from rural Kentucky. The couple met for the first time in Hamilton when Hubert was attending a religious function, and it was love at first sight.

“We entered the room to find everyone standing, and there was a pew full of young women just in front of us, however, the pew at the back was vacant, so we sat down. And then she smiled at me as she glanced around at everyone else,” Hubert added.

The happy couple tied the knot on June 8, 1943, but Hubert was spirited away from June, his lady love, to the beaches of Hawaii during WW II. On the other hand, Hubert was hiding something up his sleeve.

“I was making my way through the commissary one evening when I saw a grass skirt hanging on one of the walls. I reasoned that if I were to send it to her, it would provide her with some hint as to where I may be.

After a few weeks had passed, Hubert was taken aback when he received a photograph of June wearing the skirt. I brought back a photo, and before I knew it, I had my very own Honolulu gal.”

And what exactly is the formula for the couple’s everlasting love? Never engage in a debate, as June said, “There has never been a disagreement between us”.

Hubert continued, “We didn’t go through life without conflicts, but we would never do anything to damage one other.” Hubert advised that, in the event that there was contention, the speaker should remove themselves from the room for a few minutes.

“At that point, you either leave the room, change the topic, or come up with a solution.”

It looked as if this strategy had done wonders for the pair, but in reality, there was another key to their strong bond: spending quality time together.

Every night, June and Hubert spend the evening together, having supper, watching a movie, and then kissing each other goodnight before going for the night.

Their daughter Jo, who is now 70 years old, shared the following story: “I place Mom in her wheelchair next to where Dad is seated, and they grasp hands and say goodbye to each other and when they finally do see one other in the morning, they are overjoyed. Huge grins are exchanged as they meet one another.

Hubert claims that the two of them just loved spending time in one another’s company.

We haven’t actually spent much time together outside the house. When the children were smaller, we used to enjoy sitting around the table telling each other stories about our day,” he remarked. “What a blessed and happy life we’ve had.”

In the year 2022, Hubert and June both will reach a big milestone, with June reaching the age of 100 on July 13 and Hubert reaching the century mark on July 23 respectively.

Even though they have a lovely family that now includes three children, seven grandkids, and eleven great-grandchildren, Hubert still never forgets the solid foundation that he and June have established for their family.

“It’s almost as if the team falls apart if we aren’t all here together”.

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