If you are having a bad day, just watch this impressive and hilarious ballet performance by a group of fathers

A man’s life is irreversibly altered when he becomes a girl parent. Barbies, tea parties, dressing up, and watching Frozen on repeat have become ways of life. Tutus and ballet are also popular choices for a female father.

One set of fathers was fed up with their daughters having all the fun with ballet. As a result, they formed their own ballet company for a particularly special performance.

If these fathers were going to do ballet, they were going all in and performing Swan Lake, a ballet classic.
For their big performance, eight fathers dressed in white shirts, shorts, and pink tutus. They gathered around before mounting the stage to show off their best routines at a Women’s Day celebration. These fathers did not go up unprepared; they practiced as if they were getting ready for the big game.

Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake was written in 1875 and has remained a favorite among ballet fans all across the world.
Swan Lake relates the narrative of “Prince Siegfried and Odette, a charming swan princess.” Odette, who is under the power of a sorcerer, spends her days as a swan swimming in a pool of tears and her nights as a lovely human. The pair falls in love rapidly. Things are not as simple as they appear in most fairy tales, and the sorcerer has more tricks up his sleeve. That puts his daughter Odile into the picture. The ballet concludes with confusion, forgiveness, and a beautiful conclusion with Siegfried and Odette forever together.

The eight dads’ version of the traditional narrative may be the funniest ever delivered.
The dance has the appearance of a ballet because the dads practiced it, although their dance skills are minimal. They pirouette, plié, and grand jeté across the dance floor, a little off-beat. This dance is very enjoyable to see because of their excitement and willingness to have a little fun with themselves.

To perform, the dads picked “Dance of the Little Swans” from Swan Lake. It is usually performed in the second act and is one of the most famous dances in the show.

The choreography “was intended to mimic the way cygnets gather and move together for safety… Dancers join the stage in a line and march across with their arms crossed in front of them, holding the hands of the following dancers. They make sixteen pas de chat as they travel sideways. The dancers should ideally move in precise or near-exact synchronization. “They finally break their chain and attempt to “fly,” only to crash to the earth.”

These “little swans” do not sing in perfect synchrony, but they do their best. For effort, the “little swans” receive an A.
They should not have been concerned if they were frightened about performing in front of their audience. Throughout the performance, the entire crowd applauds the dancers. The audience erupts when they tumble to the ground in their final posture. The ladies in these men’s lives appreciate how much fun they are ready to have.

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