In a crowded bar in Miami, Matt Damon “won the jackpot” when he engaged in a conversation with a single mother of a young child…

It’s been 17 years since he first met the woman who would become his wife and the love of his life. They did not know one other before to the lucky accident that brought them together.

The actor said, ” When I found my wife, it was like winning the lottery.”

During the time that they were in Miami shooting Stuck on You, Damon’s pals “dragged” him to a local pub. After at first declining to attend, he changed his mind and agreed to go, which turned out to be the finest choice he had made in his whole life.

Luciana also discussed the first time she met Matt Damon for the first time.

She continued telling the event by stating, “But he had begun becoming recognized and solicited for photographs and signatures.”

“And then things became a little bit hostile because people were drinking and such, so he came over to my bar and hid…

As a direct consequence of this, I put him to work for me. “You have to move, because if you’re going to come back here, you can’t just stand there!” I yelled out loud. After working as a bartender for a movie for a number of years, he eventually began mixing drinks.

Because so many people were interested in seeing him that evening, I naturally received a lot of money in tips as a result of his presence. As a consequence of this, the evening turned out to be really entertaining.”

In 2005, they tied the knot in a low-key civil ceremony that took place at the Manhattan Marriage Bureau.

When they did finally meet, Luciana was already a mother to her daughter Alexia, who she had from a previous relationship. Her three children with Damon are named Isabelle, Gia, and Stella respectively.

No matter how hectic his shooting schedule is, he makes sure to prioritize spending time with his family.

Damon said that the most time he’s ever been away from his wife and daughters was three weeks, and that they have a rule that states they should not be apart for more than two weeks, in the event that more time is required for a project, he brings his family along.

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