In a dancing lesson, a 70-year-old guy steals the show

We have something in us that makes us desire to dance from the moment we are born.
Call it human nature, but we all have an intrinsic sense of rhythm. If reality TV is any indication, some of us are clearly better at it than others, but I’m not yet talking about talent.

What I’m referring to is our natural desire to move our bodies.

The problem with instinct is that it doesn’t always go away.
Although dancing trends change swiftly over time, some of us continue to move and shake even in our old age. Often, you don’t find out about these things until your aunty’s wedding, when you watch your grandmother ripping up the dance floor.

However, thanks to the internet, we can witness cases of the elderly having a good time just like everyone else!
Consider this 70-year-old gentleman, who exudes confidence and swagger. He takes to the dance floor as a member of a hip-hop dance class to show the world what he’s got!

Jill Scott’s joyful modern R&B/soul tune is playing in the background while the class dances.
It’s a lively, bouncy tune called “So In Love,” and it’s just the type of music that will make you want to get up and jive. It features another musician by the name of Anthony Hamilton, and the two produce a great song together.

So when this elegant gentleman gets his hands on it, it brings him back to life.
I’ll just say it right now: this man has better movements than I do. It’s not just about the moves with him, but also about his sense of flair. I’ve never seen a man beyond the age of 50, let alone 70, do that much hip-gyration!

In fact, the rest of the class is struggling to keep up with him!
They might try, but if this person is in the room, you should be aware that this disco already has its John Travolta.

But he’s not only good at disco.
Far from it, sir! He leads the charge with some really remarkable movements, as is fitting for a hip-hop class. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to compete in a dance competition with this man.

His beat is amazing, and he has perfect timing.
But what’s more, you can see he’s having the time of his life out there on the dance floor.

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