In order for the employee to maintain her excellent level of service, the customer decided to provider her…

This employee of Dunkin’ Donuts in Ohio recently got a wonderful surprise from one of her faithful customers in the form of a house that was completely furnished.

When employee Ebony Johnson was working the drive-thru window three years ago, she had the pleasure of meeting client Suzanne Burke there.

They used to have a small conversation each time Burke showed in for her daily coffee, which led to the development of their friendship.

As soon as Burke learned that a woman she knew, a mother of three, had fallen on hard circumstances and been evicted from her house in Mount Healthy, she made it her goal to assist the woman by reaching out to groups that assist individuals who are going through terrible times.

Johnson can now relax in her warm and inviting residence, which has been completely furnished up for the holidays, and is finally excited about the approaching celebrations.

Johnson expressed her gratitude to the people helping her, saying, “I’m just so grateful we’re back in our house.”

“The Lord truly watched out for me because I continued praying and asking if it was possible for me to be at home before Christmas,” she said.

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