In order to keep track of her 11 kids this woman came up with a brilliant idea… Nobody believed her when she…

Being mother of 11 children may seem like quite an overwhelming task, but Veronica Merritt would have six more if she could have her way.

Despite the fact that she lavishes love and compassion on each and every child, she continues to get a lot of negative remarks from others.

Veronica, on the other hand, is content with her life and has devised a number of strategies to make parenthood even more enjoyable.

Each child is designated a color, and they are often given gifts that correspond to that color.

In her adult life, Veronica has been pregnant for almost eight and a half years, which is a statistic that may make many women dizzy.

Even Veronica’s sister is taken aback by the number of children Veronica is the mother of. However, they all seem to be content – and to be quite close to one another.

It’s conceivable that the color-coding system served as a mechanism for the youngsters to keep track of one another as well as maintain watch of the adults. It’s a brilliant concept that the whole family seemed to support.

In Veronica’s opinion, “the color coding system is infused into practically everything, anything I can find in their color, I’ll buy”.

Their clothing and toys are among the items she purchases, as well as their linens, towels, toothbrushes, mugs and plates.

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