In the midst of allegations of an affair, Behati Prinsloo attended a charity event in Las Vegas with Adam Levine, who, while performing the song…

Behati Prinsloo, Adam Levine’s pregnant wife, was there to see all of Adam Levine’s “Moves Like Jagger” despite the fact that he is presently facing allegations that he has been having an affair.

The lead singer of Maroon 5, who is 43 years old, gave a performance in Las Vegas on Saturday night as part of The Event, which raises money for The Shaquille O’Neal Foundation.

Throughout the course of his seven-song set, Levine did not touch the incident in any way.

In point of fact, he hardly ever engaged in conversation with the attendees of The Event, with the exception of introducing his songs and expressing gratitude to O’Neal, 50, for the chance to perform at The Event.

When Adam Levine and Maroon 5 were performing, 34-year-old Prinsloo could be seen sitting to the left of the stage.

During “Sunday Morning,” Levine even came toward her and seemed to stare in her direction as he sang out the lines “all I need.”

A series of cheating allegations were brought to light against the singer of “She Will Be Loved” last month. Levine’s response was as follows: “I crossed the line during a regrettable period in my life.”

At the time, Levine also stated: “It is something I will never do again. I am willing to accept whole responsibility.

We are going to make it through this. And we shall emerge stronger on the other side of it together.”

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