In the midst of the wedding, the bride and the nurses sprang into action to save the man who was having a cardiac arrest…

A guy who was experiencing a cardiac arrest during a wedding was spared from certain tragedy thanks to the quick acts of the bride and her nursing companions.

As soon as they saw the man flailing on the floor, having suffered from a cardiac event, also known as the ‘widow maker,’ the bride, Micaela Johnson, who is also an emergency room nurse, along with five of her friends who all work in the emergency room at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, jumped into action.

“All of us were dancing when all of a sudden I heard someone yelling at the band to stop playing the music.” Micaela said.

She continued, “He didn’t have the appropriate color, and he wasn’t breathing properly, so they went in there and performed a fast evaluation of him, and then they began performing CPR on him.”

As one of the attending nurses, Amanda Berger described the situation, “It was craziness, but it was like a controlled anarchy among us as a group.”

The nurses used a defibrillator on the man’s chest, conducted cardiopulmonary resuscitation on him, and were able to keep him alive until an ambulance came and took him to the hospital.

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