In the timeless skit “Delayed Flight,” Dick Van Dyke and Carol Burnett bring the tension…

At the moment, Carol Burnett and actor Dick Van Dyke are in the middle of bidding a heartfelt farewell to one another at the airport. In this time-honored routine, however, things take a hilariously unexpected turn when Dick’s flight is delayed.

The circumstance that is described in this airport delay sketch from season 11 of The Carol Burnett Show will be one that most people can relate to.

The third episode of the season, which debuted on the air for the first time on Saturday, October 8, 1977, includes actor Dick Van Dyke, who joined the cast as “a regular” for a portion of the show’s last season.

The skit features Dick Van Dyke and Carol Burnett in the roles of a brother and sister. They are joined by Tim Conway and Vicki Lawrence, portraying a brother-in-law and niece, respectively, as they bid goodbye to Chet, who was portrayed by Dick Van Dyke, following a very hectic time with the family!

Have a look at the sketch!

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