In the year 2017, Roger Federer made a “Pinky Promise” with a fan, and recently, five years later, he has kept it…

Izyan Ahmad, better known by his nickname “Zizou,” is an ardent Roger Federer supporter. And Zizou was in fact there at the press conference for the 2017 United States Open when he posed a question to the renowned tennis player.

“Would you kindly keep playing for another eight or nine years so that I may compete against you when I get professional?” Zizou asked Roger. Roger responded with a hearty grin, “Yes.” After hearing this, Zizou responded by asking, “Is that a promise?”

Roger Federer greeted his opponent with the phrase “Pinky promise” while wearing a broad grin on his face.

Recently, Roger was able to make good on his promise to Zizou and surprise him with a tennis match. Zizou was pleasantly surprised. The unexpected occurrence was meticulously prepared for. Zizou bought a plane ticket to Zurich, Switzerland, under the impression that he was going there to practice tennis with his buddy.

As soon as he arrived, he was escorted to a seat, where he was greeted by a chef who was a big admirer of his, and requested to pose for a photo with him. After that, Zizou was taken to a tennis court where a large number of youthful supporters were chanting his name. He was really overcome by all of the attention that was being paid to him!

But the following revelation struck Zizou dumbfounded. The young tennis player didn’t have to wait long before he caught a glimpse of Roger Federer approaching him on the court! He couldn’t believe what he was hearing!

Both of the tennis players had a good time competing against one another, which was Zizou’s childhood dream come true. What an incredible surprise and a memorable event for these two sportsmen, which they will always hold dear to their hearts.

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