Inside a desert cave, a man constructs a contemporary 5,700 square foot house… Watch the video here…

The question is, “Have you been living in a cave?”

When someone seems to be exceptionally uninformed about a current topic, we ask them this question. Grant Johnson, on the other hand, truly does live in a cave, and he’s everything but clueless. Even his off-grid desert home is almost 5000 square feet of really outstanding construction, it’s equipped with a music studio and contemporary design!

Johnson came to Utah while he was in his twenties and purchased a huge piece of property. And, despite the fact that the large cave home he spent 20 years creating is off-the-grid, he was able to provide it with running water and electricity for all of the contemporary home comforts. On Airbnb, you can even rent a separate room inside the complex!

‘The Boulder mansion is unlike any other place on the planet. A completely working, updated home carved inside a massive boulder is one of the modern world’s marvels. It was a safe yet exhilarating drive over the stream to get there. The horses and cows that surrounded the property were adorable, and the vistas in every direction were breathtaking. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stay here!’

“It has an inspirational effect on people. I wasn’t expecting anything like that. ”

This amazing alternative house has surely inspired us!

Watch the video below for additional footage from the trip as well as an interview with Johnson!

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