Inside Kirstie Alley’s homes, where she raised her two children and cared for animals for almost two decades

Kirstie Alley, a sitcom veteran, died of cancer on December 5, 2022. Her children, William and Lillie Parker, issued a heartfelt statement confirming her death at the age of 71.

“We are sad to inform you that our incredible, fierce, and loving mother has passed away after a battle with cancer, only recently discovered,” wrote the actress’s children. Alley’s cancer was reportedly discovered recently, but after a courageous fight, she died surrounded by her closest family.

The actress rose to prominence as Rebecca Howe on the legendary TV show “Cheer.” Her children and grandchildren will remember her for her fiery acting and loving personality.

Her performance in “Cheers” won her a Gold Globe nomination and an Emmy nomination. She also starred in the comedy Veronica’s Closet, which aired from 1997 to 2000.

From 1970 until 1977, Alley married her high school boyfriend, Bob Alley. After their divorce, she married Parker Stevenson in 1983.

Together, the couple adopted two children. Their son William arrived in 1992, and their daughter Lillie joined them two years later.

Alley kept her children out of the spotlight, but her close friends witnessed her embrace motherhood and could speak to her being a fantastic mother.

Kathy Najimy, one of the actress’s close friends, described Alley as a “fun parent.” She remembered jumping into the pool while still dressed. When her kid requested a doll, Alley decided to make one that could hold three people instead of buying one.

Alley, according to her acquaintances, was not the type of mother who lavished attention on her children. She simply likes to do things in a grander fashion.

In 2016, the actress’ son William and his wife, Sarah Parker, had their first child, Waylon. Alley shared the news on Twitter, writing, “When your son gets a son… bliss,” alongside a photo of William cradling his newborn baby.

Despite the fact that Alley kept her personal life largely secret, she did give fans a look into her blissful life as a grandmother. She once tweeted that William should purchase her grandson a smaller diaper that fits him better.

Alley gained two more grandkids when her daughter Lillie gave birth to a son in 2021, becoming her third grandchild. Lillie made the decision to keep her child’s name confidential.

Despite the fact that Alley and her children chose not to publish images of the kids, the actress assured her fans that they were adorable.

Alley’s children describe mom as passionate, full of “zest,” and eager to enjoy life to the utmost. She also had a strong affinity for animals, and her children will be eternally thankful for her lessons and will continue to live their lives with the same rigor as their mother.

Her ex-husband is likewise distraught about her death. Stevenson penned a touching tribute to Alley, thanking her for the years they spent together and the two children they had. With the words, he needed to convey his message: “You will be sorely missed.” Parker, with love

Alley lived in a six-bedroom, seven-bathroom home until selling it for $7.8 million. The property has a pool, a pool house, caverns, and a turtle pond on an acre of ground.

Alley, an animal enthusiast, used to keep rail-tailed lemurs, cats, squirrels, and birds in a chase in the front yard. Her Italian villa-style house was finished in 1939, and the actress told the public about some of the changes she made.

The home features hand-painted murals, gilded trim, and three french doors that go to the dining room and open to a lovely patio. A big circular entryway, an old marble-carved fireplace, and a lengthy driveway complete the picture.

The dining area is also highlighted by stunning stained windows and wood beams that frame and lend strength to the space. The kitchen seems opulent, with shiny floors, marble counters, and vaulted ceilings that give the area a regal impression.

Alley’s house has a big guest room and a real antique bathroom with water-blue tiles and decorations of sea creatures all over.

Not to mention the living room, which was the size of a ballroom and was well-equipped. There was also a library that could also be used as a game room. Alley characterized the idea for the house’s interior design as “cuddly cozy.”

Alley tweeted after listing her house that she was looking forward to living a simpler life. She also learned that she had a different viewpoint on what she thought was vital and useful, so she stepped outside of her comfort zone.

Jim Parsons from “The Big Bang Theory,” Rob Pattinson, Noah Wylie, and Tim Curry all lived near the actress.

Alley was a lady with a huge heart, big enough to love the people in her life, big enough to enjoy creativity, and big enough to love animals. She battled valiantly, and we wish her friend and family strength as they grieve this tragic loss.

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