Instead of flower girls, the bride’s wedding included “flower bros,” and they left everyone speechless…

The wedding of Jessica Harvey, a social media star, and Jonathan Wallace took place on May 28, 2022. It was undoubtedly notable for a number of reasons, not the least of which were her Flower Bros, which were used in place of the customary flower girls.

Harvey was concerned about how she would involve her brothers in her wedding, given that her future husband had already selected the guys who would be his groomsmen.

In light of recent social shifts, there have emerged a variety of innovative and welcoming approaches to the formation of new wedding traditions. In this particular occasion, Harvey made the decision to shake things up a bit by substituting her brothers for the traditional flower girls in the role of flower bros.

And what’s even better is that her flower brothers understood the assignment, danced their way along while throwing flowers, and helped set the tone for a lovely and enjoyable wedding.

At the wedding, the flower brothers were seen having fun, demonstrating that they are capable of being just as grand as their sister who is a social media influencer.

They brought so much happiness to their performance that the audience at the wedding and internet users who watched the clip online praised them highly, as it was well deserved.

They started walking, dancing, and throwing flowers down the aisle to the tune of Bruno Bars’s “Leave the Door Open,” and they had a fantastic time doing all of those things!

They impressed the crowd by dancing and showing off some silky movements, and the audience replied with hoots of delight, laughter, and praise.

While the social media influencer’s wedding was aired to her YouTube channel, the performance of the Flower Bros was shared on her Tiktok and has now amassed 15.2 million views!

It’s possible that the flower bros were the highlight of Harvey’s wedding ceremony, but the event as a whole more than lived up to her reputation as a social media influencer.

The radiant bride looked stunning in her corseted, gorgeous dress that included sheer panels on the back. The attire of the groom, his groomsmen, and himself, suits and dark sunglasses, looked quite hip.

The wedding may have been extravagant, but it was unquestionably meaningful and heartfelt because the ceremony was presided over by the father of the groom.

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