Instead of sending Christmas cards, this family decided to do something different

Instead of mailing Christmas cards, the Orgills have chosen to try something new. Instead, they prepare and record a dance video together, which they then upload to YouTube for the enjoyment of their extended family and friends. If the over 2 million views on YouTube are any indication, a lot more people than just their family are enjoying their dance!

In the video’s description, one of the family members wrote:

“An annual Christmas custom in my family is to dance to a Christmas tune.” “My family has eight children, half of whom are already married with children of their own.”

This is our fourth year doing a music video set to Justin Bieber’s “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” It’s our greatest effort to date. Another interesting truth is that we wear our mother’s odd Christmas sweaters every year!

Share their Christmas cheer and joyful dancing with your own circle of friends!

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