Instead of becoming angry, the woman sends a note to the neighbor and bakes a cake for them, and afterwards she learns…

This woman came up with the most ingenious solution to the issue of a noisy neighbor who would play loud music till four in the morning.

Candice Marie Benbow, a writer, decided to treat her neighbor with kindness rather than letting her anger get the better of her. She took the time to write him a heartfelt note and even cooked him a special cake. On Twitter, she uploaded a picture of her message beside a cake, and many on the internet are applauding her for her kind act.

She shared with her neighbor that she has become used to him blasting music every evening and that there are times when she enjoys a “throwback” to a song that she hasn’t heard in a while. The letter continues with the following statement: “To be honest, you’ve helped me catch a vibe.”

“At 3:47 in the morning, I came to the conclusion that rather than attempting to sleep, it would be far more beneficial to think about your musical choices and eat potato chips.” Then, she did the kindest thing she could think of and prepared a lovely pound cake for him as a gesture of her thoughtfulness.

After more investigation, Candice learned that her next-door neighbor, Tommy, had to deal with the loss of his daughter earlier this year. She then underlined how important it is to treat others with compassion at all times.

“It was a tender and thoughtful reminder that we never know what other people are going through, and that it is always preferable to initiate conversations with kindness. When we have the opportunity to show grace to others, we truly should do so,” Candice said in a tweet.

They’ve reached the point where they’re almost best friends, and we couldn’t be happier for them.

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