Internet users are obsessed with French beauty queen’s unique scream

Eva Colas, a French beauty queen who participated in the 2018 Miss Universe competition, currently owns an eco-friendly swimsuit line. However, she is currently famous on TikTok for a less favorable achievement: her extremely loud pronunciation of the word France.

This all derives from a viral scene during the 2018 pageant, in which each competitor declared their native country’s name. Originally shared on Twitter in early January, this TikTok video shows a series of beauty queens beaming and calling out their country in reasonably normal tones… until Eva Colas appears and shrieks, “Fraaance!”

The noise has been likened to goats, seagulls, and barking seals. It’s the Dean Scream of beauty pageant moments.

Because the purpose of this event is to show these women as flawless, poised, and polished, there is a clear “you had one task” element to this circumstance. Oddity is not tolerated. All Eva Colas had to do was step up and recite the name of a nation, and it all went horribly wrong.

If you’re wondering how Colas is dealing with the unexpected surge of internet attention, the answer is that she’s well aware of it. She published the popular video on Instagram last week, along with a video of herself drinking a glass of wine. “2 seconds has been following me for 4 years…” reads the caption.


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All the comedy looks a touch mean-spirited in context, as it does in many viral films showing moments of public disgrace. This tiny onstage gaffe has become Eva Colas’ virtually visible legacy as a beauty queen, immortalized on TikTok.

Fortunately, she seemed to be able to joke about it. In a recent Instagram post commemorating this year’s Miss Universe competition, she expressed her support for the current Miss France: a video of French President Emmanuel Macron exclaiming “Vive la République, vive la France!” with her own iconic “France!” scream inserted.

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