Internt users are confused: Jim Carrey posted a strange cartoon about leaving Twitter

Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter has undoubtedly left some people with a foul taste in their mouths. Coupled with the platform’s widespread mismanagement since then, some celebrities have already begun to leave. Jim Carrey, a well-known actor, has also stated that he is likely to leave the social networking platform.

But before he departs, he has decided to utilize this platform to present the first cartoon he ever created—and quite likely the last cartoon ever seen on Twitter. “I’m quitting Twitter, but first, here’s a cartoon I did with my pal Jimmy Hayward,” he wrote in his tweet. It’s based on my artwork of a crazy old Lighthouse Keeper standing naked in the middle of a storm, invoking the angels, and blazing his lantern to lead us through a perilous night. “I adore all of you!”

Jim Carrey collaborated on this animation alongside Jimmy Hayward, a well-known Canadian animator, and director. He created a one-of-a-kind piece of work that looks to have been created using cel-shaded 3D models. The cartoon depicts a nude redhead lighthouse keeper singing in a sea shanty. While the animation is rather basic, the shanty appears to be a fully unique piece about angels guiding sailors through particularly treacherous nights.

Anyone who is aware of Carrey’s professional history knows that he is not recognized for his animation endeavors. Following his success in Ace Ventura, he went on to appear in Dumb and Dumber, Bruce Almighty, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. His recent role as Doctor Robotnik in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie brought him a lot of attention.

Jimmy Hayward, on the other hand, is a 3D animation pioneer. He was one of the initial animators for the TV series Reboot, unlike Jim Carrey. For those who are unaware, this was the first show in which the whole program was rendered using CGI. Following this program, he moved on to other projects, including Pixar, where he was the principal animator in the first two Toy Story films. He has contributed to hit films such as Monster’s Inc., A Bug’s Life, and Finding Nemo. Surprisingly, he has only worked on one non-animated film, Jonah Hex.

The news that Jim Carrey had decided to leave Twitter came as no surprise since he had been a vocal opponent of Elon Musk since the latter purchased the social networking platform. Carrey blasted Musk when he initially took control, accusing him of blocking users, demanding $8 for verification, and sacking nearly half of the team. He also hinted in this article that anyone who paid that much money to be confirmed was exceedingly foolish. Finally, he said that Musk’s intentions for a Mars landing were a joke.

As is customary on Twitter, all of Jim Carrey’s comments on Musk elicited the same responses as any other heated message. Some people answered with counterarguments, while others resorted to mocking. Nonetheless, numerous people wished the comedian goodbye, while others derided him for still maintaining an account even after he made his intentions to leave obvious.

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