It Was Decided That Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Would Not Attend The Palace Reception For Head of States Prior to the Queen’s Funeral because…

There was a reception held at Buckingham Palace for international leaders who were flying to London for Queen Elizabeth’s burial; however, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry did not attend the event with the rest of the royal family.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were at one point sent an invitation to attend the event that took place on Sunday; but, according to the palace’s most recent statement, the reception was “for working members of the royal family.”

At the event, which was hosted by King Charles and Queen Camilla, official foreign dignitaries and heads of state from across the world who had flown to London for the state burial of Queen Elizabeth on Monday were greeted.

On Saturday evening, Prince Harry joined his seven cousins in standing vigil around Queen Elizabeth’s coffin in Westminster Hall, where it has been lying in state and visited by thousands of mourners since Wednesday.

Prince Harry, who served two tours in Afghanistan during his 10-year career in the British Army, wore his military regalia for the vigil, despite the fact that it was announced earlier this week that only working members of the royal family who hold military rank would wear their service uniforms for the Queen’s funerary events.

According to a source inside the palace, the revision was made “at the King’s request,” and Prince Harry did not put in a request for a modification before the decision was made.

Prince Harry, who was 38 on Thursday, and Meghan, who is 41, were in Europe for a series of festivities when Queen Elizabeth passed away on September 8.

The couple was present at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday when the casket of Queen Elizabeth was brought in from Scotland.

On Wednesday, they joined other members of the royal family for a service at Westminster Hall, which took place after Prince Harry joined his father, brother, and other members of the family in a procession through the streets of London.

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