It’s a Very Moving Moment When the Father Sings ‘I Loved Her First’ to His Daughter on the Day of Her Wedding…

On the day of the bride’s wedding, the groom’s father, Erik Schouten, performs a touching rendition of the song “I Loved Her First” for his daughter. If you have a father, then you are aware of the unique relationship that exists between fathers and daughters.

Dads are the role models who are responsible for laying a foundation of trust, love, and enjoyment for their children. Because she knows she can rely on her supportive father through each and every phase of her life, a daughter is more likely to feel self-assured and positive about herself.

Madeline Galbreath did not have any clue of the song that her father would perform at her wedding when she requested him to sing there.

When they first started shooting the video of her father playing the piano, he not only made a few jokes, but he also sang a few notes from the song “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac. But then he came clean and said that Maddie’s father had hidden the song from her all this time.

The identity of the song that Erik was about to perform was kept a secret from his daughter.

In point of fact, he had managed to keep it a secret for the whole of the two years that Madeline spent organizing her wedding. It was funny to Erik that Maddie had written in a letter she had given to him the morning of the wedding that she would always consider him to be her first love.

As he proceeded to serenade his daughter with the song “I Loved Her First,” the guests at the wedding realized that they were in the presence of a very unique occasion since he had just shared that precious moment with them.

As Maddie’s father performed the lyrics of ‘I Loved Her First,’ there was not a single person in the room who did not have tears in their eyes.

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