It’s amazing how dog gently captures and releases a trapped bird on the porch

Dogs are recognized for their sensitive personalities and gentle souls. They may be extraordinary in their friendliness to caretakers, complete strangers, and creatures smaller than themselves, such as the dog that saves earthworms or the puppy who shares his blanket with a stray dog. Gus, the dog, does this when he spots a bird in distress.

Gus comes to the rescue of a stranded bird at his home in the video below. He catches the shocked bird and carefully carries it outdoors! When it comes to handling fowl, some dogs are trained to have “soft mouths,” but it’s amazing to witness Gus employ this skill to help take a live bird to safety.

Jennifer, his human, wrote on YouTube:

“Several birds have become entangled on the porch throughout the years” (the door is open during the day for the dogs). Gus is a master of delicate capture and release!”

What an incredible thing for Gus to accomplish! In the video below, you can see him in action.

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