It’s amazing to see the reaction of a conductor who was surprised by his orchestra’s beautiful rendition of “Happy Birthday”

An old video of Philadelphia Orchestra conductor Yannick Nezet-Seguin receiving a birthday surprise during a performance has gone viral. The video, which was originally published on TikTok, is now available on YouTube. On social media, the video has gotten over a million views.

In the video, Nezet-Seguin begins to direct a piece of music, only to have the orchestra alter the song to a variation of the “Happy Birthday To You” theme.

The clip clearly shows that Nezet-Seguin was not expecting this wonderful surprise. He grinned as the music played and offered the conductor a bear hug.

The video was shot on Nezet-44th Seguin’s birthday, March 6, 2019, during the All-City High School Music Festival.

People are leaving sincere comments in the video’s comment area, demonstrating how popular this video is online.

“This is very cute and lovely.” What a joy to observe these lovely individuals! I enjoy the song. Yannick’s reactions, as well as everything else in this video, are fantastic. I wish you the best of luck. “Have a safe and joyful Christmas season,” one person said.

“It’s always fantastic to observe how the people for whom they sing respond!” They get enthusiastic but are also embarrassed and unsure of how to handle the situation, yet they continue to enjoy it. Always fantastic!” Another user remarked.

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