It’s incredible! 600 music educators sing in unrehearsed “375-part harmony”

When one of the presenters requested everyone to sing Amazing Grace, the 600 music instructors in attendance had their own impromptu harmony lesson. Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser asked the music professors to stand and sing “Amazing Grace” without words. Instead, he told them to just sing “Ah.” From there, a completely unrehearsed musical performance evolves, and it is just delightful! Check it out for yourself.

Dr. Lautzenheiser was the keynote speaker at the 2019 Manitoba Music Educators “Tempo Conference,” which featured this improvised harmony. When he adds, “How about some harmony?” the teachers seamlessly transition into harmonic music.

People who have viewed the video have expressed how the performance has given them shivers. Ruth Reimer, the instructor who filmed the video, was overjoyed with the response. “Thank you very much for all of your nice remarks,” she wrote. “There’s nothing but love here!” “I’m extremely delighted to be a Performing Arts Teacher and to collaborate on wonderful music with all of my colleagues.”

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