It’s incredible how a lost dog cleverly figures out how to get herself found

Rosie the Border Collie became disoriented while out on a stroll with her family after a fireworks display spooked her. Steve and Julie Harper, her owners, were naturally concerned and searched for her. However, it looks like Rosie has smartly worked out how to locate herself.

Security footage from Loughborough Police Station in Leicestershire, England, shows Rosie arriving at their front door, entering, and politely sitting down in their lobby to wait for assistance.

The CCTV video was published by Leicestershire Police, who commented, “The pack at Loughborough Police Station found a new furry buddy… after a lost dog came into the station.” We’ve collared Rosie, the Border Collie, so you can watch her approaching the doors, stepping in, and taking a seat in the corner. “Wonderful puppy!”

Staff came to Rosie’s aid after witnessing her patient waiting. “Our workers went to get some water for Rosie and quickly became close friends.” Fortunately, she was wearing a collar, so a lead could be used to call Rosie’s owner, who was overjoyed that she had been located safe and healthy. “What a gorgeous, clever dog.”

Julie afterward expressed her relief to the BBC. “I was so relieved that she was safe, and I was so proud of her for being bright enough to make her way to the police station,” she added.

Not every dog can serve itself as well as Rosie. However, her presence at the station to seek assistance reminds us of a dog that became separated from his family and made his way to the vet clinic that had been caring for him since he was a puppy.

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