It’s incredible how a woman converted an old railway carriage into a stunning off-grid home

We’ve all heard of people living in small houses or off the grid. But have you ever considered living in railway carriages?

This woman from New Zealand’s Central Otago Region discovered these antique railway carriages and turned them into a personal repair effort. We can see as we go around her modest home that it is constructed with love and devotion.

Mandy and her ex-husband used to work on boat and yacht restoration projects.

She had no idea that her knowledge would come in handy when she discovered these dilapidated carriages and saw huge potential in them. She had intended to acquire a beachfront home, but these carriages found her, and she never looked back.

She stated that repairing antique carriages was quite difficult.

It was initially completely wet. She even discovered dead birds inside! The windows were smashed, and it appeared to be a hopeless cause straight away, but Mandy believed she could breathe fresh life into this once bustling railway carriage.

The site provides an amazing panoramic view.

The lovely panorama will always greet you when you step onto the deck of your accommodation, day or night. Mandy has a tiny bathtub outside her house, but she says she has to be careful with it because water is scarce in the region.

Her house is completely off the grid.

She does not have access to water or power, so she collects rainwater and saves it for later use. Her house is also powered by solar panels connected to a reliable generator. Heating is also not an issue because she has a wonderful fireplace that heats the entire space.

Mandy’s main residence is on the first carriage.

Her lovely sitting area will greet you the instant you go in. To the right is her kitchen, which she admits she rarely uses but puts equal time into repairing.

An en suite bathroom and a nice bedroom are on the left.

The toilet will be gone, but don’t worry since she has a separate long-drop toilet outside her home. Her bedroom does not let her down. It appears to be pleasant and warm, and check out that window!

The other carriage provides more room for visitors.

She didn’t want them completely renovated, cleaned, and shined. She kept the seat numbers, the previous marks, and even the water spots on the wood. It turns out that these minor flaws blend in wonderfully with the overall elegance of the room.

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