It’s incredible how good Samaritans run into a burning building to save three dogs left home alone

When a lightning strike causes a fire in a South Dakota apartment complex, Spencer Butler, a buddy, and several strangers go door-to-door looking for people and pets.

Spencer went to observe the fire with his camera and quickly realized he and his friend could help. It’s a good thing they did since there was a fearful Corgi alone behind one of the doors.

View the stunning POV clip Spencer shot while hunting for flats. They saved three pets, and no lives were lost as a result of their actions. The fire caused a partial roof collapse, but firemen put it out and no one was injured.

A handful of firefighters responded to Spencer’s video, noting that while they did an excellent job overall, they could have done better in the future.

“Check doors for heat with the back of your hand from top to bottom; if you feel the heat through more than half of the door, do not open; it might trigger a smoke explosion and kill you and anybody inside!” Also, if the doors are not hot and you have opened them, seal them behind you after you have cleared the house or apartment. “Open doors provide air routes to the fire and can spread it even quicker.”

If you have pets, place a pet alert sticker by your door to let firemen know what kind of pets you have and how many you have in your home.

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