It’s incredible how the mom of two girls hangs on tight to them to save their lives

After the two children tumbled out of the chair and were prevented from falling by mom clutching onto them with one arm, a woman and her daughters had a terrifying journey on a ski chair lift!

Adam Browning, who was riding on the chairlift ahead of them, captured the terrifying incident at Perfect North Slopes in Indiana.

“The whole time, the lady was kind of, you know, crying for assistance,” Browning recalled. The resort’s rescue squad arrived barely in time to snag one of the girls dangling from the chair.

The workers held a huge red sheet beneath the chair, and the child dropped 25 feet before being safely recovered. The other girl was able to reposition herself in the chair.

What a nail-biter! I’m thankful the family was unharmed in what might have been a disastrous catastrophe.

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