“It’s not NYE unless AC is seven tequila shots in and giggling uncontrollably. Internet users want drunken CNN hosts back

While the New Year sometimes brings uncertainty, one constant has been CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live coverage over the years. Every year, live television anchors Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen get wasted on shots while counting down to the ball dropping. Cooper’s guffaws, Cohen’s rants, and New Orleans correspondent Don Lemon’s shenanigans have been a welcome conclusion to the year.

CNN, on the other hand, has chosen to be sober this year. According to Variety, on New Year’s Eve Live, journalists are no longer permitted to drink on-air due to a directive from company CEO Chris Licht. And, while Cohen first stated that he would continue to imbibe with Cooper, he then stated that they would follow the new rule. “We won’t be drinking, but we’ll have a blast,” Cohen told Page Six.

Cohen and Cooper honored their pledge of dry coverage on December 31. Instead of the hosts’ usual tequila shots (and, on one occasion, Jäger), they opted for mystery shots. “It’s been our custom to toast with you every hour,” Cohen explained. In line with tradition, he said that they’ll be sipping unnamed liquids, dubbed “mystery shots,” and would try to identify what’s in the cups, which ranged from pickle juice to apple cider vinegar.

However, Twitter was dissatisfied and erupted, asking that the hosts be allowed to drink. “LET THEM DRINK!” one user repeatedly posted. Another person termed it a crime. “It’s a goddamn travesty that CNNNYE is robbing us of the national treasures that are intoxicated by Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen.”

The “mystery shots,” which comprised children’s juice boxes and buttermilk, were particularly unpopular on Twitter. Cohen was displeased with the apple cider vinegar shot, sarcastically exclaiming, “I need tequila!” “Honestly!” he said after taking a taste.

Some people thought the beverages were inexcusable. “What are juice boxes?” @CNN, I will never forgive you for stealing the most exciting portion of New Year’s Eve from us. Allow Andy and Anderson Cooper to gorge themselves! 

Cohen, on the other hand, could always be counted on to try to boost the ante. “Let’s simply address the elephant in the room.” “We can’t drink,” Cohen explained. Cooper inquired if his co-host would make it through the night while saying it wasn’t “a huge concern” for him. “Do I have a pocket full of edibles?” Cohen said. I do. Will I accept them? “I’m not sure.”

“Andy is already on it, and he’s completely sober,” user xoraveen remarked.

Nonetheless, it appears that the hosts will be drinking tequila.

Some traditions are clearly not intended to be broken.

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