Jaime Lee Curtis spoke about her marriage and disclosed what is the secret behind their marriage…

Jaime Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest have been married for more than 36 years already and for that occasion, the Oscar-winning actress sent a heartfelt message on Instagram in which she praised both her husband and their enchanting union.

The actress posted a picture of herself and Chris holding hands with the words, “One of the longest partnerships I’ve had seeking comfort and touch and connection is with Chris.”

The star of Halloween and her husband, Christopher Guest, discussed what they believe to be the most important factors in a successful marriage.

“Don’t leave. That’s all there is to it — just two words. Because you will have a strong desire to and if you’re going to try to convince me that anybody who’s been married for a significant amount of time hasn’t thought, “I detest them, I want out,” then you’re lying to me.

Of course they have! I am certain that if you remain seated on the bus for a sufficient amount of time, the views will evolve.”

The actress disclosed that she had written a song for her husband to celebrate the couple’s 35th wedding anniversary. The phrase “I feel comfortable when I pull up and see that you are home” is repeated many times during the chorus.

She explained it by saying,  “It’s the peace of mind that comes from knowing his vehicle is parked in the garage, that I’m not here by myself, and that he is here”.

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