Jake Flint, a country singer, died at 37, a few hours after wedding

Clif Doyal, the publicist for country musician Jake Flint, informed The Oklahoman that Flint died mere hours after his wedding on Saturday.

Flint was 37 years old at the time.

While the official cause of death has not been published, Doyal told The Oklahoman that Flint died in his sleep on Saturday, after his wedding.

“He was more than a client; he was a great friend and all-around lovely man.” As seen by the outpouring of love on social media, he was adored by everybody. I think a lot of it was because he was a people person with a great sense of humor. “He made everyone laugh and made everyone feel at ease,” Doyal told The Oklahoman about it.

Doyal said in a statement to E-News on Wednesday that Flint was “a prolific composer, recording artist, and in-demand live performer throughout the Midwest and Southwestern United States.”

He went on: “As a monument to his compassion and kindness, he was a relentless supporter of his fellow artists, always eager to offer a helping hand to anybody in need.” “He was adored by many because of his contagious grin and disarming sense of humor, and I hope that, together with his music, will be his lasting legacy.”

Doyal did not respond promptly to Insider’s request for comment.

Brenda Flint, Flint’s wife, posted a video of the couple dancing and having fun at their wedding on Facebook on Monday.

Brenda Flint captioned the video, “I don’t understand.”

Brenda Flint said on Facebook on Tuesday, “We should be browsing through wedding photographs, but instead I have to pick out clothing to bury my husband in.”

“People aren’t supposed to be in this much agony,” she adds. “My heart is broken, and all I want is for him to return.” I can’t handle it any longer. I require his presence.”

Brenda Flint did not react quickly to Insider’s request for comment.

Brenda Cline, Flint’s former manager, also posted the news of his death on Facebook on Sunday, stating, “I loved him much like a son.”

“The most amusing, entertaining, hardworking, and passionate artist I’ve ever worked with in my career.” “We were planning to start a company together when he and Brenda got married—which happened yesterday,” Cline wrote in the letter.

Brenda Cline did not respond promptly to Insider’s request for comment.

According to his website, Flint was a “Red Dirt singer/songwriter who lives in rural Mounds, Oklahoma.”

Flint was in the midst of a multi-state tour that was scheduled to continue after his wedding. “What’s Your Name?” and “Hurry Up and Wait” are two of his most successful tracks.

According to his website, Flint began performing music when his father was diagnosed with ALS. Flint’s father, concerned that he would be unable to play sports with his kid, persuaded some friends to teach him to play the guitar and take him to Bluegrass festivals. Music brought the father and son together.

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