Jamie Lee Curtis appeared on TV in her pajamas and received criticism for supporting her youngest daughter

Jamie Lee Curtis, then 64, appeared on the “Today” show on March 14, 2023, two days after her Oscar triumph. The actress hadn’t seen the video of herself when she delivered a speech after winning her award, and she saw it for the first time on the “Today” show.

When she viewed the footage, the “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once” star couldn’t help but cry all over again. Jamie Lee started her statement by thanking her fans and family. She then talked about her late parents.

The actress appeared to talk virtually to Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb, wiping away tears as she viewed her remarks. Her prize was for the best supporting actress; however, she was dressed down for her “Today” interview.

Jamie Lee appeared on “Today” without makeup and in pajamas, in contrast to her stunning look at the Oscars the weekend before. Yet she wasn’t any less gorgeous!

After a tribute to her late parents, Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, the actress expressed her surprise at winning, stating, “I just won an Oscar.” Jamie Lee claimed on “Today” that her Hollywood-famous parents had been her “beautiful shadow” her entire life.

The person who won the award said that her parents always went into a room before her, and she tried to accept and understand this “with grace.” She explained that when her parents were alive, they were nominated for Oscars but never won.


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Jamie Lee also expressed gratitude to her husband, Christopher Guest, and their two daughters. The actress, who is married to a filmmaker, admitted that she never expected to experience the previous few days that have impacted her so much.

She also praised her friends for desiring victory for her more than she could have imagined. The actress joked that she was “a touch weepy,” but she was grateful for the affirmation from her colleagues after more than 40 years in Hollywood.

Christopher’s wife saw that the desire for recognition and attention was universal. The mother of two said she always hoped that no matter what work she performed, someone would acknowledge her, and getting the award was a “bright” and “beautiful” sign of that.

In her victory speech, the first-time Academy Award winner explicitly recognized one of her kids. What the “Halloween Ends” actor didn’t expect was for social media users to ridicule her for talking about her child.

Jamie Lee also told the “Today” show hosts that her Oscar would not be referred to using any specific pronoun in honor of her daughter, Ruby Guest, who was non-binary at the time. Instead, she would refer to the statue as they, adding:

“I’ll simply refer to them as ‘them,’ and they’re doing fantastic. They’re getting settled.”

The day after the actress was on “Today,” CNN posted an article on Facebook about how the diva gave her Oscar to her daughter as a gift. Some Facebook users were irritated by her support for her child, with one writing:

“I’m very sorry for her. If she is publicly expressing her support for her son’s bewilderment, she is just as perplexed as he is.”

Another person believed that being transgender was a “delusion” that could not be sustained. The critic asked people to inform individuals suffering from the illusion of the truth in order to set them free. Jamie Lee was dubbed “crazy” by one internet user.

Another individual thought it was odd that so many celebrities had transsexual children. But Ruby’s understanding that they were transgender was not easy or quick, as it came with its own set of challenges and tribulations.

Ruby scheduled a meeting with her parents for 2020 to tell them something very important. Jamie Lee’s daughter told how they were planning to come out as transgender but couldn’t at their backyard meeting in their Los Angeles home.

Ruby said in an interview the next year that it had been scary for them at the time. The sheer act of telling their parents something they didn’t know about them was intimidating. Before confessing that they were intimidated by the scenario, they noted:

“But I wasn’t concerned.” They had always been very tolerant of me.

After the discovery, the comedy director’s daughter fled and texted their mother. Jamie Lee recalls calling Ruby right away to explain the situation, and the two cried.

During the interview, the actress [Jamie Lee Curtis] acknowledged making mistakes twice because she was human.

At the age of 25, Christopher’s daughter was working as a video editor for a YouTube gaming star. They were more at ease with their mother by then, and they talked publicly about their trip for the first time in October 2021.

The actress acknowledged having certain anxieties, but she was always available to listen to her daughter. With all of the new phrases and terminology, Jamie Lee said that it seemed like she was learning a new language.

Ruby’s mother, like most parents, admitted to being new to it and that she wasn’t claiming to know a lot when she didn’t. Still, the actress wasn’t being too hard on herself, since she said she would keep making mistakes but try to avoid making big ones.

Christopher’s wife was learning to slow down her speech and was becoming more conscious of what and how she said things. During the interview, the actress acknowledged making mistakes twice because she was human.

Nonetheless, she hoped that everyone who read the People story and saw the photo of her and her kid would have a favorable reaction. The actress hoped that it would inspire others to freely accept who they were since if that occurred, the interview would have been worthwhile.

Ruby had the opportunity to come out as transgender when she was 16, but she did not because of a terrible experience. Still, seven years later, when they were still Tom, they told the truth to the person who later became their fiancé and whom they later married. When asked how they felt about Ruby for who she was, they said they loved her for who she was.

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