Jane Fonda opens up about working with “Prickly” Katharine Hepburn, ” She did not like me…”

On the set of a film in the 1990s, experienced actress Katharine Hepburn finally got to meet Hollywood’s leading man Henry Fonda for the first time.

The film “On Golden Pond” was ranked as the second-best movie that was released in 1981. The themes of age, love, and family are explored in this film. An specialist on movies named Pierrie Montiel claimed that the movie dealt with a “universal issue.”

In the film “On Golden Pond,” where Hepburn starred in as Henry’s wife, she gave him a hat that she called “lucky” and that had belonged to Spencer Tracy in the past. During the whole of the film, the actor sported the aforementioned present. Mark Rydell, the film’s director, said that the couple “fell into one other’s arms.”

In spite of the fact that Hepburn and Henry got along like a house on fire, one cannot say the same thing about Henry Fonda’s daughter, Jane Fonda, who portrayed the kid of the fictional marriage in the film.

Jane once said that upon meeting Hepburn, the actress did not take a strong like to her, and that she made this fact known to the actress.

The fact that the native of Connecticut was “extremely competitive” was revealed by Jane, which resulted in a problem. She went on to say that despite her admiration for Hepburn, it was difficult for her to “understand” why the actress acted in such a manner.

Jane said that she was a young box office star and a producer for the movie “On Golden Pond,” and that Hepburn always made sure that she was being kept in her place throughout their time working together on the production.

When Jane and Hepburn initially started working together, Hepburn was not impressed by Jane’s extensive career history or her standing in the entertainment industry.

She recounted the first things the Oscar winner said to her when they met during her appearance on “Mondays with Marlo,” and they were not encouraging:  “I don’t like you.”

Jane said that Audrey Hepburn did not appreciate the fact that she was a married lady who also had children, in addition to the fact that she was an actress.

She said that the star of “The African Queen” did not feel any other performers should be linked to the project other than herself. Jane disclosed the fact that Hepburn had criticized her fashion choices as well.

She was “not glamorous enough” for Hepburn, and it disturbed her that she did not make an attempt to appear decent, which the winner of two Academy Awards said is something that bothered Hepburn.

In spite of the unpleasant statements, Jane said that Hepburn had taught her that being “self-conscious isn’t inherently negative” and that it was essential for an individual to be aware of how they show themselves.

When questioned about the nature of their professional connection, Jane said that Hepburn was “an fascinating lady”.

“When she won ‘On Golden Pond,’ I phoned to congratulate her, and she remarked, ‘You’ll never catch me now.'”

When asked what the pinnacle of her work was, Jane said that it was when she was a producer on the film “On Golden Pond” and gave her Oscar Award to her father only a few months before he passed away.

This was one of the most unforgettable moments of her five-decade long career.

Jane said that the thing she “liked” most about Hepburn was that “she took the role of being an elder extremely seriously.”

She talked favorably of her instruction, saying that Hepburn was “deliberate” about educating her and “talking” to her in addition to giving her with “line readings,” which she thought were “amazing.”

She also praised the lessons that Hepburn had given her.



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