Jennifer Aniston’s estranged mother did not include her in her will, despite the fact that Jennifer paid her medical bills before she passed away, while in her adulthood she…

Jennifer Aniston’s mom, Nancy Dow, passed away in 2016 at the age of 79. Before she passed away, Dow, who was also an actor, struggled with her health for a considerable amount of time.

“Both my brother John and I am very sorry to have to break the news to you that our mother, Nancy Dow, has passed away,”  Aniston, who was 47 at the time, stated.

Jennifer Aniston has described her mother as “gorgeous and wonderful,” yet she has also described her mother as “very critical.” However, she could empathize with her mother’s plight since, in the 1980s, she too had been a single mother who struggled financially and was in a similar circumstance.

She is of the opinion that her mother did not purposefully criticize her; rather, “she did it because it was what she grew up with,” rather than out of malice, she feels that her mother was critical. The realization that her mother was only doing her best was not enough to prevent the “deep scars that I would subsequently spend a lot of money to repair,” she added.

An informant said that Dow made a covert change to her will exactly one year before she passed away, and this revelation pertains to the mother-daughter connection. She did not include her daughter in her will and instead bequeathed her whole assets to a different relative.

Even though Jen and Nancy had a contentious relationship throughout Nancy’s life, the source said that Jen continued to pay almost all of Nancy’s medical expenditures throughout her last years.

Jennifer Aniston said that there were times when she and her mother lacked communication with one another for extended periods of time. “She was a nervous wreck. That is beyond my breaking point. When I’m in an upset mood, I tend to speak about stuff. Never in my life would I yell and go so out of control like that. Never.

But no one ever warned me that I could raise my voice in public. I remember one time when I shouted at my mother in a really loud voice, and she began giggling when she caught a glimpse of me. She was laughing at my response of shouting back at her. And it felt like someone had punched me in the gut.”

Additionally, Jennifer Aniston was quoted as saying, “She was nasty. She was really critical in her comments to me, she was magnificent, and the fact that she was a model contributed to her natural beauty. I never was; I never am.

To be really honest, I still do not see myself in that light, which is just OK. In addition to that, she could be rather cruel. She would nurse grudges that I could only see as being so petty in retrospect.”

However, Aniston said that she was the polar opposite, and that she was someone who was able to forgive others “maybe to a fault. People in my life often ask me how I am even able to communicate with that individual.

But holding onto that fury serves no useful purpose, does it? That is really dangerous to do. We have a common humanity – everyone makes blunders. The human race consists of flawed beings. In addition, people are unable to develop further as individuals when they are unable to forgive others.”





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