Jennifer Garner Brightens the Year of Elementary School Teachers With a Special Gift for Their Wish-List…

As the summer came to a close, teachers are getting ready to go back to work in their classrooms.

As a part of their preparation, the majority of teachers spend an average of $750 of their own money on materials including books, crayons, pencils, and other other fundamentals. Since the COVID crisis hit the economy, it has been very difficult to come up with more funds.

As a result of this, educators such as Erin Fuller-Wellman have reached out to a well-known user on Instagram in the hope of receiving aid.

Erin is currently employed as a teacher at Buffalo Elementary School in West Virginia.  As a way to give back to the community, Foster began providing links to teachers’ wish lists in the year 2020.

Foster made the observation that “people place a high value on being friendly toward teachers; everyone has had a teacher who made an impression on them, and everyone is aware that the pay teachers get is not enough to cover their living expenses.”

Erin had her list sent in, but she didn’t have high hopes for her chances of being successful. Her list was previously shared throughout all of her own social media accounts; yet, it had no effect. Erin, on the other hand, hit the jackpot this time!

“I just went through the CRAZIEST thing,” Erin said on Facebook after her ordeal. “When I opened the door to go outside, my front porch literally had ten boxes stacked on it. When I open the first package, I find that it is full with books.

At the bottom, it says, “Here’s to making this your best year yet. Thank you for making the decision to become a teacher; you have the most important job in the world,” wrote Jennifer Garner.

As Erin worked to unpack the presents, she had a hard time understanding why Garner had chosen her list to complete. Then it suddenly occurred to her that they were both from the same state.

Garner moved to California with her family when she was just three years old, despite the fact that she was born in Texas.

“She is undoubtedly one of a kind, and the fact that we both hail from the same state is something I will always be proud of. I am completely lost for words and overcome with appreciation.

I can’t express how grateful I am. This is just unbelievable. My students in first grade are going to have an incredible year thanks to your assistance, and I will make sure they are aware that it is because of you all that this is even possible.”

When Erin expressed her appreciation for Garner online, she received an immediate reaction from Garner.

The actress and mother of three extended her gratitude to Foster for “making all of this possible” and wished Erin a fruitful academic year.


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