Jennifer Lopez claims that it was the “worst idea in the world” for her and Shakira to perform together at the Super Bowl…

The unforgettable show that Jennifer Lopez and Shakira gave during the halftime show of the 2020 Super Bowl garnered a lot of media attention two years ago.

On the other side, Jennifer Lopez admits  that in the past she had disliked the NFL for employing two artists for the presentation of the halftime show.

In 2022 the new documentary was shown for the first time anywhere in the globe and in one scene , Lopez and her music director Kim Burse are the ones who compose the halftime performance.

Nevertheless, the two are worried about Lopez’s limited window of available time. “We just have six minutes left,  It would be a terrible idea to have two individuals host the Super Bowl. Absolutely terrible. It was the worst notion that could ever be had.”

In a separate interview, Jennifer Lopez’s manager, Benny Medina, voiced similar sentiments of dissatisfaction with the NFL’s selection of two music superstars to perform at the halftime show.

“There is often just one performer who gets the spotlight during the Super Bowl and it’s up to them if they want to bring in additional guests”.

In addition, Lopez talks to Shakira about the difficulty of the performance schedule when they are performing at Halftime, and Shakira explains, “I know the Super Bowl folks want us to be threaded throughout the performance, though, I haven’t heard any official word on the amount of time that will be allotted to me.”

Lopez said, “Allow me to briefly address it. They estimated that it would take 12 minutes to complete, however, there is a possibility that we may be granted an additional minute or two of time; hence, our current time allotment is 13, 14 minutes.

I think it would be fair, Shakira, if we split the time so that you could have half and I could have the other half.”

She goes on to say that if it was going to be a double-headliner, the promoters should have given them an extra 20 minutes at very least.

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