Jennifer Lopez credits her ability to “survive” in the entertainment industry to the fact that her mother raised her to be “tough, even if she did not know what she was doing as…”

There are some people who are not cut out for careers in the entertainment business.

Because of her upbringing by a strict mother, Jennifer Lopez was well-equipped to deal with the adversity that she would face in this industry. The actress and singer spoke candidly about her relationship with her mother.

The woman, who was 52 years old, remarked, “Listen, my mother was also a fun mother.

My mum was the one who first introduced me to musicals as well as many other kinds of music.

I got my start in the entertainment business thanks to my mom. But, since my mother was strong, I’ve been able to survive the difficulties I’ve experienced in this career.

“I’m not quite certain that she was aware of what she was doing to me, but she prepared me for it.

Lopez has said that she has had instances when she has felt like a “underdog” due to the fact that she came from a poor household in the Bronx and had no previous experience in the business.

“I always get the impression that I’ve reached the very minimum of what’s possible.”

She said, “I always got the sensation that I wasn’t supposed to be in the room. It’s part of being Puerto Rican and a woman from the Bronx.”

“Do you grasp what I’m saying? Something along those lines. Being unfortunate enough to not come from an affluent family, due to a lack of personal connections inside the sector.

I yelled, “F— it!” as I went out the door of the building. I’m going to give it all I’ve got.

I’m going to make an effort to go in here”. Not only in the world of music, but also in the world of acting, she has established a strong name for herself.

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