Jennifer Lopez opens out in a new interview about her love affair with Ben Affleck and how their breakup sent her into a’spiral…’

The interview that Jennifer Lopez did recently was a true tell-all, at least in regard to all that transpired between the two of them during the time that they were romantically together. The artist joined everyone to discuss the milestone, which marks 20 years since the release of This Is Me…

Then, on the initial attempt at their relationship, which ultimately resulted in the “worst heartache” of Lopez’s life, and her next album, This Is Me… Now, the story will center on them rediscovering one other after a period of time and mending their differences.

She said that in September 2003, when they decided not to go through with the ceremony, they announced their decision one day before the wedding day. “After we called off that wedding 20 years ago, it was the deepest heartache of my life,” she said as she thought back on their choice.

In the end, they parted ways in January of 2004, but they got back together in spring of 2021, this past summer, they tied the knot.

“I really believed that my time on earth had come to an end. With reference to her romantic relationships, she said, “That launched me on a spiral for the next 18 years where I simply couldn’t get it right.”

But, here we are, twenty years later, and there is a happy ending. It features the finale that Hollywood fans would say “would never, ever happen.”  It is not going to be written since we know that no one would believe it even if they did.

It’s strange, because when Ben and I got back together, he said something to the effect of, “You never performed the songs [from This Is Me…Then].” You never did ‘I’m Happy.’ You have never done this before.

You have never been guilty of it. I was like, ‘You’re correct. That was a trying experience, i had to let go of a piece of who I was back then in order to go on with my life and stay alive. Without a doubt, it was a strategy for survival.”

In addition, she mentioned the album titled “This Is Me…”  is a reflection of a “young girl in love, hopelessly, devotedly in love with the person she wants to be with forever, that sort of love that you can’t conceal”.

You’re basically saying, “This is exactly how I feel. This is the person that I am, this individual has my everlasting affection. I adore him with with single fiber of my being.’ That was a two-way street.”

On Lopez and Affleck’s initial tentative steps toward romantic attachment: “I believe what occurred is, while we worked together [on Gigli], we became such close friends. I think that’s what led to it.”

We came to the conclusion that we were completely obsessed with one another. Once the movie was ended, I was surprised to find that I was still thinking about him. And I had to take care of my own business since I was just getting out of a relationship [Lopez’s marriage to Cris Judd] at the time. Yet it’s like you simply knew it.

It’s as if you’re saying to yourself, “This is the person I want to be with.” And all of this took place over the course of many months. Due to the fact that we weren’t permitted to do it, it didn’t happen right away.

“Yes, it evolved to some degree throughout the course of time.”

About the two of them coming to the conclusion that they should get back together in the spring of 2021: “I believe now that we’re older, we recognize, it’s lot more evident, because…when we felt that way, now we know.”

And there are no queries asked, nor is there any sort of, “Well, let’s see how this goes” kind of language used. As in, “Nah, it’s just the two of us. That sums it up well. through to completion and beyond,'” she said.

She went on to say that even though they realized right away that the love was still there, they were still cautious about getting back together because of their children.

Since we were traveling with our children, we had to move slowly and with caution to ensure that they were safe… since they were not around during those earlier years. “

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