John Goodman celebrates 33 years of marriage to his wife, who saved him from…

On Thursday, October 27, John Goodman, star of the hit sitcom “Roseanne,” celebrated his 33rd wedding anniversary with his wife, Anna Beth Hartzog. The pair have been happily married for more than three decades, proving the adage that “behind every great man is a great woman.”

Their years-long love, however, has been tested, and according to the 70-year-old actor, it is his wife who deserves credit for strengthening their bond. Goodman thanks his wife for helping him stop drinking and getting him out of a dark time in his life, which helped him lose a lot of weight.

The couple met while working on the 1988 film “Everybody’s All-American.” The prolific actor, however, was approached by his now-wife during a Halloween party. “I went to a Halloween party, and she approached me and said, ‘Hi.’ “I couldn’t understand why anyone so attractive was talking to me,” he explained to Elle.

He admitted to Seth Meyers that the couple didn’t start dating right away because Anna mistook Goodman for a zombie. The actor then chased his co-star until they began flirting. The couple married in New Orleans in 1989 and welcomed their daughter, Molly Evangeline Goodman, in 1990.

While the actor was achieving astounding heights in the movie business thanks to his sitcom “Roseanne,” fame surely took a toll on him, as he began heavily drinking on the set of the show. The actor initially believed he could conceal his alcoholism. However, things quickly got out of hand. “I became smug and ungrateful.” And I wanted to leave the show after nine years—eight years. I handled it the same way I handled everything else: by sitting on a bar stool. And it got worse… My words would be slurred. I kept drinking, but I couldn’t stop shaking. “I realized I needed to be admitted to the hospital,” he told The Sun about it.

During those trying times, the actor recalls losing 100 pounds. This is when his wife, Anna, decided to send him to rehab. “I dialed my wife’s number, which was like transforming myself into the Gestapo.” “And she called some people; we got me into a treatment center, where I detoxed and decided I liked the feeling,” he told the new publication.

Goodman has reportedly been sober since 2007 after a life-changing journey at the treatment center. Then I decided to go slowly this time, move around, and exercise. I’m getting to the point in my life where I can’t afford to sit still any longer. “And it gives me the energy to work because work is exhausting,” he went on.

Goodman expresses gratitude to his wife for being there for him and raising his daughter. “She turned out beautifully.” She did, however, have her mother and grandmother teach her manners. He revealed this on The off-camera show.

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