Josh Brolin, who became a father again when he was in his 50s, halted his acting career so that he would not repeat the “worst” parenting he had shown with his older children…

Actor Josh Brolin had to spend a lot of time away from his family in the beginning, which made it difficult for him to raise his children. But he pledged that whenever he became a father in later years, he would set things right.

He took some time off from work to be with his family after the birth of his third kid at the age of 50, and he is now relishing his role as a doting father of four children.

Josh Brolin, who plays Everest, has become a father to four children via his three marriages.

In 1988, he wed Alice Adair for the first time, and the couple went on to have two children together: Trevor in 1988 and Eden in 1994. By 1995, the actor was going through a difficult period in his life.

Both his mother, who had gone away unexpectedly from injuries sustained in a car accident, also, and his career looked to have reached a plateau. His relationship with Adair was deteriorating to the point that he was really considering filing for divorce from her.

Brolin, who had previously struggled with drinking issues, began drinking and using substances once again as a result of all that was going on around him. The couple parted ways for good in 1996.

In spite of the difficulties he faced, he cherished his role as a parent. The fact that he had to work to support for his family meant that he had to spend time away from them, despite the fact that he had always been interested in being a hands-on father to his children.

The fact that Brolin became a parent at such a young age presented him with a number of difficulties; nevertheless, when he became a father for the third and fourth time, life gave him a second opportunity.

If he had another child, Brolin said he would do things differently, and he kept his word.

In excess of twenty years after the birth of his second kid, Brolin became a parent for the third time when he had his daughter Westlyn Reign Brolin, also known as Bean, with his third wife, model and designer Kathryn Boyd.

Now that he had achieved success in his job and had the luxury of taking his time with his kid rather than hurrying off to work, he resolved to steer clear of the blunders that he had made with his first and second children.

This time around, he decided to take some time off work so that he could be with his wife while she was pregnant and be there for the birth of their child. In addition to this, he made it a point to avoid taking on job that would need him to be gone for more than two weeks at a time.

James Brolin, the actor’s father, praised his son’s commitment to parenting his daughter and confirmed that his son did, in fact, abandon everything when his daughter was born.

Chapel Grace Brolin was born to Brolin and his wife on Christmas day, 2020. Brolin provided an explanation for the name, noting that he and Kathryn had always found peace in chapels wherever they went on their travels.

The actor has said that being a father in his later years has been a rewarding experience for him.



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