Judi Dench said that there were many signs that her husband was still in the 17th-century house

Judi Dench, an English actress, is still one of the biggest stars of her time. Not only has her diverse work in films and television shows distinguished her as one of the finest, but so has her tenacity and enthusiasm.

Even though her health is deteriorating, the starlet has not lost an iota of her enthusiasm for the stage at the age of 86, and she has no intentions to retire.

The actress is struggling with her eyesight since she can no longer see. Dench recently discussed her declining eyesight, recounting an event that occurred during an important meal. According to Dench (via The Sun):

“It was so dark that I asked my companion David, who was standing next to me, ‘Have I anything on my plate?'” ‘Yes,’ he said. ‘Does it need to be chopped up?’ I asked. So he responded “Yes,” and I said, “Would you do it?” He chopped it and presented it to me on a fork, and I ate it that way.”

Despite her inability to see, the actress claimed that she has found another method to cope with her failing eyesight. Dench claims to have a photographic memory, which allows her to imagine what others say to her.

The “Victoria & Abdul” star told David Tennant on a podcast that she has great and reliable people who can help her, in addition to having a perfect memory.

Meanwhile, Dench’s health isn’t the only issue she’s dealing with these days. The actress’s house, where she resided for 30 years with her late husband, is on the verge of collapse. Here are the specifics.

Dench’s House Problems in Detail
The “James Bond” actress has been living quietly in Outwood, Surrey, in a historic, charming farmhouse erected in 1497.

After that, Finty walked inside, and to her surprise, Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” a song that always brought her father to tears, began playing on the radio.

The property has a separate home, a pond, a swimming pool, lovely gardens, stables, and workshops. The house is now a shell of its former grandeur, some three decades after Dench moved in.

Dench recently stated that she shares her home with rats. The actor said that the mice moved into the house during the lockdown and have slowly taken over.

Meanwhile, the mouse infestation is only one of the issues Dench is dealing with at home. She said that her house was falling while discussing her house issues. In the words of a Hollywood legend:

“Here and there, my house is crumbling.”

Despite everything going on in the home, Dench appeared to have no intention of leaving. The actress has many fond memories of the residence, which she shared with her husband of three decades, Michael Williams.

Dench has yet to come to grips with her husband’s death, which occurred in 2001. The actress spoke extensively about Williams’ death, saying it altered her.

Dench went on to say that she might never get used to his Williams because he reminded her of him in some ways. The actress claims that:

“You’ll come in there and there’ll be a photograph or anything.” I don’t think you’ll ever get used to it.

Dench also stated that she feels her husband pays them visits. She stated that she believes he has entered the house every time the door opens.

In another in-depth interview with host Gaby Roslin, the actress talked about the different things that made her think Williams was still in the 17th-century mansion.

Dench once stated that she walked into the house from the garden and whispered something to her husband because she felt his presence. She then walked upstairs, only to find the curtain in her bathroom flicked open.

She fixed it appropriately, according to the legend, but as she looked back at it, she heard a thud on the wall. Dench was taken aback when she discovered a circular tin on the floor with the words “I love you” scribbled on it.

Although many people thought it was a fabrication of her mind, the actress was certain it had anything to do with Williams because the tin wasn’t there at first. Finty, Dench’s daughter, shared similar feelings with her mother.

During the same interview, Roslin discussed her experiences at home in London. Finty claims her father never saw the property before he died, and she recalls calling aloud to his spirit when standing in her Stockwell garden.

Finty requested that Williams persuade her that everyone in the family will be able to overcome a specific challenge.

After that, Finty walked inside, and to her surprise, Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” a song that always brought her father to tears, began playing on the radio. Although it may have been considered a coincidence, Finty was confident that it was not ordinary but miraculous.

Inside Judi Dench and Her Happy Marriage
Dench and Williams were one of Hollywood’s most beautiful couples. The actress frequently praised her husband and the wonderful characteristics he has. Dench once said that Williams was a selfless man who constantly made her laugh.

Overall, the couple had a great weekend together and were content. Dench said that the secret to their long-lasting marriage was serendipity since she and Williams never had to work hard for their success. Unfortunately, everything came to an end when he died on January 11, 2001.

Following the death of Williams, Dench concentrated on being a devoted mother to her daughter, who followed in her footsteps. Dench had always prioritized parenting, even before Williams died.

After Finty came along in 1972, she pondered quitting her job to be a better mother. Williams, on the other hand, persuaded her out of it. Dench now has a fantastic job and a lovely daughter, with whom she has a strong relationship.

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