Julia Roberts & George Clooney Reveal Why They Have Never Thought of Dating Each Other…

The deep bond of friendship that exists between Julia Roberts and George Clooney has helped propel their fame to dizzying heights, despite the fact that both actors are already recognized as leading lights in the entertainment industry. After starring together in the blockbuster heist movie “Ocean’s Eleven,” their friendship has continued to shine brightly at every event and red carpet they have graced together since the film’s release.

The question is, therefore, why these two celebrities, who have such sizzling chemistry, have never before gotten together. In the film “Ocean’s Eleven,” which started production in 2001, Clooney and Roberts portray exes who get back together as Clooney’s character, Danny Ocean, gets ready to pull off an elaborate robbery at a casino in Las Vegas.

Since that time, Julia Roberts and George Clooney have never spoken anything but kind words about their relationship, and their affection for one another shines through whenever they appear on the red carpet together.

When Julia Roberts was expecting her first child with husband Danny Moder, George Clooney even allowed her to stay at his home while she was pregnant. “She stayed at my home in Italy when she was initially pregnant,” Clooney stated, “and she brought all those monsters back to the house and we’ve had a joy with them.”

“Danny and I have been friends for a long time and have a lot of affection for one another. “The best part is that it seems so much like a family,” Clooney said further. “It makes things a lot simpler.”

This stitch has resulted in the two having featured in a total of six films together, the most recent of which being “Ticket To Paradise,” which was shot on location in the Whitsundays area of Australia between November 2021 and February 2022. The pair take on the roles of a divorced couple who make a plan to visit Bali and stop their daughter from getting married there.

After a lengthy absence from the romantic comedy genre, Roberts and Clooney make their long-awaited return in this, their first picture together since the release of “Money Monster” in 2016. The question of why the two had never dated was put to them during an interview that was conducted as part of the press tour for the film, and their answer was emphatic.

Clooney rushed in to clarify that their friendship for one another had been firmly established from the beginning, but other individuals had a tendency to turn their heads romantically from the beginning.

“There was always someone in a relationship, whether it was Julia or myself. When Clooney emphasized that they were fast friends immediately away, Roberts replied by nodding her head and indicating that she agreed with him.

Clooney followed his statement by saying, “There has been nothing except joy for us, so I don’t believe it was ever truly an issue.”

It is quite evident that the two Oscar winners are just taking pleasure in their relationship and time spent together, and we are thrilled to be able to absorb even a little portion of the positive energy that they exude simply by watching them.

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