Julia Roberts reveals why she has not starred in any romantic comedy in past 20 years…

Julia Roberts is one of the most well-known American actresses, having shown her abilities in some of the most memorable films of her career to date: Pretty Woman, Sleeping with the Enemy, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Valentine’s Day, Secret in Their Eyes, August: Osage County, Notting Hill, and others.

When asked why she hasn’t been in a romantic comedy film in the previous 20 years, the actress said that she hasn’t been cast in any during that time. Luckily, she will appear in the forthcoming romantic comedy Ticket to Paradise.

With the release of her next romantic comedy, Ticket To Paradise, Julia Roberts has spoken out about the fact that she hasn’t been a part of a romantic comedy in the previous 20 years of her professional career.

While addressing the situation, she said: “people often misinterpret the length of time that has passed since I haven’t done a romantic comedy as a sign that I don’t want to do one”.

“If I had read anything that I believed was on the level of Notting Hill literature or the amount of crazy fun that My Best Friend’s Wedding was, I would have done it. They didn’t exist until the film that I just completed, which was written and directed by Ol Parker.”

Furthermore, she said that, in addition to the fact that she had not been able to find any decent rom-com scripts throughout the years, the bar had been increased as her three children reached adulthood.

She went on to say that she had a tremendous sense of pleasure in staying at home with her family and that she considered herself to be a homemaker.

“That sets the bar even higher because then it’s not only about ‘Is this material good?’ but also about ‘Is this design good?’

The arithmetic equation for my husband’s job schedule, as well as the school schedules and summer vacation of my children, is also included. It’s not simply a matter of saying, ‘Oh, I believe I’d want to do this’.” she said.

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