Just take a break from the Christmas routine and enjoy this baby’s amusing discussion with her father

Eryn Fitzgerald is a model. She’s just a year old, but she’s already taken TikTok by storm. Eryn is little and unable to properly communicate, but she has the personality of a fully grown adolescent girl and enjoys flaunting it.

Shannon and Martin Fitzgerald live in Boston, Massachusetts, with their gorgeous one-year-old daughter Eryn. They’ll have their hands full dealing with Eryn’s outsized personality. She is already dancing at every chance and chattering with real conviction in her “words” at the age of one. When she has something to say, she will make certain that everyone is paying attention to her story.

Eryn may not have her words together yet, but she has her hand movements down well. She babbles enthusiastically and makes large hand motions to express her point.

Martin, Eryn’s father, is paying careful attention to his daughter’s gripping narrative. He’s been gone all day at work, and Eryn has to catch him up on everything that’s happened. He encourages her to continue sharing her day’s narrative. He is soaking up every word from his lovely daughter, and she is well aware that she has a captive audience in her father. This young child has her father wrapped around her little finger.

What will it be like when she can really speak entire sentences?

The tale of Eryn’s day may not be comprehended, yet it is full of emotions.
In a few babbles, she switches from a really serious tone to a huge, big smile. There appear to be moments of incredulity as well. Eryn can’t believe the narrative she’s telling at moments; that must have been one crazy day! Eryn is just one year old, but she can already tell a terrific story. Her vocal intonation is quite excellent for such a young storyteller.

If Eryn’s narration has wowed you, you should see her dance!
Eryn’s parents set up a complete TikTok account to highlight Eryn’s joyful and distinct personality. Eryn’s parents thought their baby deserved a platform, and TikTok and YouTube have provided her with that opportunity. They have over six million likes and millions of views on their TikTok account. Eryn is not only a fantastic babbler storyteller, but she also has some great dancing movements.

Eryn is taking over the world by telling wacky stories and dancing her way through life. We should all strive to be more like Eryn.

Eryn’s recounting of her day thoroughly exhausts her. She placed all of her feelings into the novel, and when she’s through, she only has to sit down. She sits down, and her narrative is complete. What a day, and what a story!

“Her day was more intriguing than mine. “And she’s a great storyteller,” one spectator said.

“How lovely that youngster is already “talking” with intonation and gestures!” And congratulations to Dad for making her feel important by listening! Fantastic parenting!” Another spectator chimed in.

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