Forget the Oscars: Kate Winslet will be honored as 2023’s recipient of the award for Best Actress in an Interview.

This week, the name of the “Titanic” star began trending on Twitter as a result of a particularly endearing video of Kate’s interaction with a nervous young reporter named Martha.

Martha was scheduled to interview Kate about “Avatar: The Way of the Water” for the German children’s television program “Logo!” Kate’s interaction with Martha was captured on video, and the video quickly went viral.

Martha confides in Kate that she is a nervous wreck while wearing a T-shirt that says “Kinderreporterin,” which translates to “kid reporter.” Martha mumbles something to the effect of “um, it’s my first time” on the audio tape.

The Academy Award winner and mother of three approaches Martha with a friendly lean. “Is this the first time you’ve tried doing it? Now, what do you think will happen? When we do this interview, it will be the most incredible interview in the history of interviews, “She feels reassured by Kate.

“And do you know the reason behind it? Because we’ve collectively determined that this is how things will proceed. You and I have just reached the conclusion that this is going to be an absolutely amazing interview, and we are really excited about this prospect.”

While Martha is giggling, Kate explains to her: “You don’t need to be afraid to ask me anything because I’ll answer honestly no matter what it is. Everything is going to turn out well. Ok? You’ve got this in the bag. Ok, let’s do it!”

It would seem that Kate’s motivational speech was successful, as Martha aced the remainder of the interview while exuding an air of self-assurance and composure.

An entertainment reporter saw the cute encounter, and on Monday (January 9), they posted a video of it to Twitter with the caption, “the most lovely thing” they’d ever seen in their line of work.

The video had more than one million views in only twenty-four hours, which is indication that many other people shared the same opinion.

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