Kelly Preston would have been turning 60 years old — When she and John Travolta first said “I Do,” their marriage was in violation of the law…

Both John Travolta and Kelly Preston will continue to be regarded as two of the most gifted people in the history of Hollywood. They began their careers as actors in the 1970s and 1980s, and they quickly rose through the ranks to work with some of the most recognizable stars in the business.

The unusual bond that the two of them enjoyed was one aspect of their life that captured the attention of the general public.

Travolta and Preston exemplified the term “power couple” because to their intense love for one another and their many accomplishments together.

Their love story was an inspiration to many people, but all of that was put to a stop when Preston went tragically. Travolta and their children were left behind after the loss of Preston, which occurred two years ago.

Ella Travolta, who is Travolta and Preston’s daughter, surprised fans when she made her debut at New York Fashion Week not too long ago.

The young lady made her debut on the runway in front of a crowd of admirers who were stunned by the striking resemblance between her and her mother.

Not only were fans the only ones who spotted the resemblance, but John Travolta also offered his thoughts on his daughter’s accomplishment on the runway, expressing that he was extremely proud of her in a post on Instagram.

Travolta has often discussed the painful experience of losing his cherished wife.

Throughout almost three decades of adversity, including the loss of their son and the actress’s fight against cancer, Preston and Travolta were able to draw strength from one another and count on one other as a support system.

There was “instant electricity” between them when they first saw one other, moreover, Travolta was taken aback and could not hold back the urge to initiate conversation.

In 1991, on New Year’s Eve, John Travolta proposed to Kelly Preston with a six-karat yellow and white diamond ring at the Palace Hotel restaurant in Gstaad, Switzerland.

The couple did not delay in beginning their wedding preparations for very long after they had been engaged. Before Preston’s demise, she married John Travolta twice before she passed away.

On September 5, 1991, the Hotel de Crillon in Paris played host to the very first wedding ever to take place there  and at the time, Preston was two months along in her pregnancy.

On the other hand, the actress eventually disclosed that the marriage had been unlawful all along due to the fact that a Scientology minister had been present throughout it.

In addition, Preston noted that in order for the pair to be legally married in Paris, they needed to have lived there for around four to five years.

Therefore, the couple decided to elope once again, this time choosing Daytona Beach, Florida as the location for their nuptials.

Following a courageous fight against breast cancer that lasted two years, Preston passed away on July 12, 2020, according to a message that John Travolta published on Instagram.

Even after over two years have passed after Preston’s passing, Travolta and his children have continued to remember her.

The actor speaks highly of his late wife and does his best to instill an upbeat outlook in his children, which is reflected in the activities they participate in on a day-to-day basis.

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