Kind men risk their lives to save a deer that has fallen into a frozen river

When two Canadian guys were ice fishing, they came across an injured animal on the frozen Winnipeg River.

When Jayden Belanger and Shayne Mozdzen were ice fishing in Kenora, Ontario, they noticed a deer on the ice. “We came across a deer that had fallen down a cliff and couldn’t stand on the ice or get off,” Belanger posted on YouTube channel ViralHog.

They decided that using rope and their ice skates to pull her back onto shore would be the best way to help her, so they did just that. Mozdzen can be seen carrying the deer down the ice river in the video.

When they arrived at the shore, Mozdzen assisted the deer in getting up. One of the deer’s front legs appears to be wounded, but Belanger said she brightened up quickly after being freed.

“We hauled her to the next home with flat ground and got her off the ice; she was really fatigued and had difficulty walking at first, but she will be fully OK and live to see another day!” he stated.

Watch the video below to see how they were rescued:

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