Kratu the rescue dog may not have the best skills when it comes to the agility course, but he makes up for it with his talent for making people smile

This adorable pup was at Crufts to compete in the Rescue Dog Agility competition, and he made quite an impact. Kratu, like Olly the Jack Russell terrier, navigated the obstacle course in his own distinct manner!

His joy in entertaining the audience and gratifying his human side bears little resemblance to his tragic history. The mixed-breed dog was rescued from an abusive circumstance as a puppy by the UK-based rescue organization Wood Green, and he found a home with Tessa Eagle Swan when he was 18 months old.

The joyful, lumbering dog has taken on the role of her emotional support dog, which matches his loving character well!

Kratu is videotaped meandering about the agility course, missing leaps and weaves, and taking short excursions to say hello to the officials. He gets the biggest laughs for his antics in the tunnel.

But what Kratu lacks in polish, he more than makes up for in zeal, and by the end of his performance, the audience was thoroughly enamored with him.

Watch Kratu’s agility effort below and join in on the grins.

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