Little boy tries to protect his sister during a wrestling match

Ruby was preparing to begin a kindergarten wrestling match on Sunday. It was a fully sanctioned sport, complete with a referee, safety equipment, and parents on the sidelines. It’s not a huge deal. Her 2-year-old brother, on the other hand, didn’t comprehend and did what any child would do if their adored older sister was in danger: he went in to break up the fight. It’s hilarious to watch.

According to HuffPost, this incident occurred in Columbia City, Indiana. The video was shot by the father of Ruby’s opponent, Ryan Prendergast, who is five years old.

“I was working and missed the game, but when I got home, he showed me the video, and I knew we had to share it,” Prendergast’s mother, Tori, told HuffPost.

Everyone in the gym appeared to be in agreement. When the small guy completed his tackle, there was applause and laughter, and you can hear someone off-camera exclaim, “That was the nicest thing ever.”

It appears like the gallant little boy may become a high school wrestling star himself in a matter of years.

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